I’m iman darabi. i was born in 1985 . live in iran/mashhad.me

i’m software engineer at ITS Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (R&D branch), Mashhad, Iran.

Computer Skills

  • Linux C/C++ system developer
  • Linux Hardware developer (security token, rfid, Embedded Boards etc.)
  • Linux Kernel Module Programming
  • Linux/Windows python developer
  • Linux virtualization and cloud administrator (kvm/openVZ technology)
  • Tuning high load linux servers (proccess manager,networking, disk schedular and memory managment tuning experience)
  • Linux kernel source code reading
  • compile and configure of various type of GNU/Linux softwares (linux kernel, gcc, binutils, toolchains etc.)

Computer Interests

  • linux, kvm, openVZ, virtualization and cloud computing
  • optimizing and improving efficiency of high load servers
  • network/hardware programming
  • C/C++, python
  • Re-designing and looking for new solutions
  • server optimization and tuning
  • iaas cloud computing, especially openStack

i’m here to share my linux stuff experiences.

nothing more special about me …

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