changes !

by iman


i was just reading andrew tanenbaum‘s book ( computer networks ) , found some fantastic sentence on Chap.5 page 422; the main topic was all about virtual circuites . he said :

… Then with the rapid acceptance of the Internet, datagrams became fashionable. However, it would be a mistake to think that datagrams are forever. In this business, the only thing that is forever is change.

talking about it’s technical topic (virtual circuits vs datagram ) is not important in this topic …

he’s almost right. change is the only thing in computer world is forever . i’ve thought about it a lot .

and now i’m almost sure that our business(i mean computer industry) is the most changeable .

but the question is : why should it be changed ??? does it mean past is wrong and change should be done to correct the past? or just for new Desires ? (something else ? remind me! ) …

i think both of them. we should change and have to change computer industry because it has not be done correctly . let’s have an example : tcp/ip is the preferred network protocol nowadays and do it’s job almost good, but with lot’s of design mistakes. today’s solution is NGN and one day (i think near future ) it would be changed to correct it.

about new desires, virtual circuits and datagram approaches are some of the most common sample ( as i know in networking) . datagram was the first choise of internet, maybe because of reliablity,robustness … but today network devices are much more reliable and the questions of todays netwoking is focuses on QOS which virtual circuits acts much more better than datagram .

there r lot’s of other samples in computer programs, operating system, security …

how about people in this industry ? how/when should we change ourselfs to be uptodate ?

but changing of people is much more harder than changing of industry. you need money, time and proficiency to change industry but human has some other feature which is called habit .

as we work with sth or do sth periodically , it would be habit; and changing of habit is so hard.hard enough to makes us out of date. i think adaptive people (at least in computer field) are more successfull in this industry.