IBM’s Roadrunner Supercomputer Sets World-Record Speed

by iman

Roadrunner_1207.jpgBeep beep! Sorry BlueGene , but your time is done, finished . now you’re second in List of World’s Most Powerful Supercomputers 🙂 .

IBM made another big supercomputer which called it roadrunner … .

roadrunner is the world’s first hybrid supercomputer has broken through the “petaflop barrier” of 1,000 trillion operations per second, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

so how fast is 1,000 trillion operations per second(one petaflop) ?

U.S Department of Energy says :

A “flop” is an acronym meaning floating-point operations per second.  One petaflop is 1,000 trillion operations per second.  To put this into perspective, if each of the 6 billion people on earth had a hand calculator and worked together on a calculation 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, it would take 46 years to do what Roadrunner would do in one day.

IBM says :

Roadrunner is twice as fast as the world-leading Blue Gene, which is itself three times more powerful than the remaining contenders on the industry’s Top500 list of supercomputers. This new claimant to the title of world’s fastest computer has the computing power of 100,000 of today’s most powerful laptops—or a stack of such laptops one and a half miles high.

so what about it’s operating system (my favorite topic)? 😀

yes, your guess is other 75% supercomputer’s os ,it’s linux too. in these set of supercomputers runs multiple instance of linux over a cluster of interconnected computers.

it was so interesting for me to see redhat is used for roadrunner. (hey redhat, you’re good boy 🙂 )

here are some other good links :


here you can see some video about roadrunner :

BTW :while i was reading about this topic i faced to some interesting(which might be interesting for you, too) comment on

I say we dismantle the nuclear warheads and have that baby start solving some problems that would actually benefit production/distribution, health to name a few. Oh that’s right…someone would lose money/power if we did that.