Linux Kernel Community’s Statement on Closed Source Drivers

by iman

as you know closed source drivers can be developed for linux. yes , although linux is open source but for example a company can develop it’s hardware’s driver closed source for linux .

but that is so bad . why ? two reasons (in my opinions ):

  1. first one is so obvious, free software is good and proprietary one is evil 🙂
  2. second reason _which is more important for me_ is all about technical stuff; if some company develop it’s own drivers open source model and if it’s drivers merge to kernel then,they can be sure that kernel developers will upgrade it’s drivers with no cost (for other kernel versions).       (linux drivers need to be upgraded so rapidly; i’m going to explain why driver’s upgrade in linux is needed so rapidly(rather than other os’s like win) in some other topics.)

anyway… ; today (On June 23, 2008 ) linux foundation  issued a statement on closed source drivers and modules and the The official statement can be found here.

you can find answers to some questions like :

  1. Why are closed-source modules “harmful?” What are they harming?
  2. What happens to these vendors if they ignore your statement? Are you going to sue them?
  3. Why should vendors open source these modules? What advantages do they get from that?

and other one’s here .