Running an Open Source project

by iman

hi .

my friend mailed me about some interesting topic and thought it’s good to discuss about it here .

he said :

i saw the fallowing in a presentation. in fact, John Whaley who is a
leader of some open source projects (e.g. presented that
what do you think about it?
Running an Open-Source Project
Lots of interest, but very few people actually follow thru
Not many people have the skills
Of those, not many have the time
Of those, even fewer have the perseverance
The result is that there have only been minor
contributions by others
Documentation, testing, file releases, updating the web site all take time.

PS: the problem is not with well known projects like Linux, php,
Apache, GNome, … (i.e. they have a huge user base and dev community)

i think he’s almost right ;perseverance, skills … are most common problems within open source projects .

but these problems are not just for open source modeling developing has it’s own set of tasks and some time these tasks led to some big problems ( like other industries and i think it’s common) . for example finding skilled developer , documenting projects , upgrading softwares … are all tasks of software developing and it’s not just open source problem.


there is some important topic which i think we should mention it more ;and that’s motivation .

motivation of closed source software developers (mostly) starts from earning money but open source hackers try to start projects as hobby, resume, helping …

nowadays deployment of software projects are hard and open source programmer can’t continue without other helps and continuing project just for hobby can’t be reasonable ;

so even in open source model commercial approach play role ( big role ) .

finally : i think nowadays open source model need helps of commercial software industry ( as well as industry which needs open source programs ).

btw :although i said open source model needs commercial industry but ( believe me or not ) close source development model is deprecated and dead .