new and old managment style of web

by iman

i had some discussion about dis/advantage of free hosting providers like wordpress , blogger with my friend via email.

he said :

BTW keep in mind that the traffic you can generate through your blog will be to the benefit to your hosting provider e.g. wordpress not you yourself.

actually he’s almost right. for example advertisement is benefit of personal blog, and lot’s of other things …

i’m going to start my own website ( but for other resons ) .

anyway , i think we r in new generation of networks . (i mean social networking rather than technical stuff )

Until a decade ago , owner of site was responsible to create new contents and manage them .

nowadays some body manage contents and others create it .

wordpress and blogger keeps our contents so we can focus on creating better contents .

we can use YouTube to store our videos; berkeley university is making course lectures available on youtube … .

even today we have web based desktops like eyeos to manage our desktops and we shouldn’t solicitous about keeping our contents . (privacy policy is another story)

i had some special story about one of my teachers . he had dictionary and wanted to publish it via web . told me to make some website and put it there . suggested him to put it in some of available wiki hosting sites like wiktionary . because i think his job is creating contents ( like dictionary ) not worrying about keeping his contents in the web .