stop laziness

by iman

have you ever been in some situations which are not sure about what you want and what you do ?

like to do sth or think about it is so easy , but why sometimes we don’t do what we want ?

actually , this happens when we are not sure about what we want . the best way to be sure about our thinking is to do sth and try to improve it .

if you’ve ever had any programming experience you know such feelings . befor start programming ,it’s not clear what we want , but after some build and fix it’s much more clear what we want .

last time which i had this feeling was right now …

liked to start blogging but didn’t do it . maybe i wasn’t sure about what i wanted . so i just start it and do it till to know what i want .

thanks to amir, hamid, abbas, and the last one (minutes ago) farid to reminded me about blogging .